Wurzel Dip Plus

Wurzel Dip Plus

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Wurzel Dip Plus Concentrate

Natural Root Growth Enhancer

Wurzel Dip is an organic seaweed based product designed to promote feeder roots in transplanting. It can also be used as a continuous feed during the complete growing cycle of the plant. You will see a great improvement in growth, survival rate, wind resistance with less fatigue. Wurzel Dip can be used for landscaping indoor and outdoor gardening, bedding out and container planting.

Environmentally Friendly!

Offered in the following quantities:

  • 1L
  • 4L
  • 10L

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Wurzel dip was originally created by science formulated for a local Alberta farmer with a huge agricultural problem.

Mr. Wurzel approached our department 39 years ago with a particularly unique problem of a large transplant. A job that was refused by a number of companies due to the size of the particular trees in mention. Generally companies will not attempt transplanting trees of this nature (20 feet tall) as the success rate being in the 5% range. Mr. Wurzel was very adamant in saving as many of his proud family trees as possible, offering to pay a large amount of money for any success rate.

Our agricultural science department delivered a product that not only helped in saving all 50 trees but helped those 50 trees thrive where they still stand today.

We at Full Spectrum understand there are some unique requirements that cannabis plants have, so we have tweaked our already successful formula and now introduce Wurzel Dip Plus! Wurzel Dip Plus has now been formulated for cannabis and will increase your transplant success rate as it has done for so many cannabis growers in the past. Our seaweed based material helps promote and increase the feeder roots in the root zone therefore increasing nutrient and bio availability in the substrate. This amazing product can also improve growth, survival rate, plant fatigue, and increase wind resistance.


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Shake well before Use, do not freeze.

  • Transplant: Add 10ml/L water.
  • Continuous Use: Add 1ml/L water.

*Environmentally Friendly


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Wurzel dip can be used for:

  • landscaping
  • indoor and outdoor gardening
  • bedding and container plants.

Shake well before using, do not freeze.

Warning: Do not swallow, keep out of reach of children and pets.