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Quattro Pro

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Quattro Pro Concentrate

B & C Complex 0-0-3

Quattro Pro is vitamin based.
It aids the plant fighting stress from insects, pruning, environment and transplanting.
The plants can be sprayed, fogged, dipped, or drenched. Do not use at more than the recommended rate.
Compatible with all plant nutrients and bio stimulants.

* Full Spectrum “A” 4-5-28 Quattro has the formula built in so no need to add when using Full Spectrum “A".

Offered in the following quantities:

  • 135g
  • 454g

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Full spectrum is now releasing its B,C&E complex formula to the cannabis industry.

This formula has been applied to agriculture and cannabis crops for years and now we have created the highest standard of B&C and E complex on the cannabis market today.

The B vitamins stimulate the metabolism of the root cells and help activate the plants natural defence mechanisms against environmental stress and foreign invaders.

In particular B1 activates the plants systematic resistance in a process called “Priming". When treated with B1 the plant becomes highly sensitized so it can respond to pathogenic bacteria, fungi, and viruses. We have also found B2 and B3 to stimulate cellular metabolism, and B6 is a powerful anti oxidant to the cannabis plant. We use all the B vitamins as they have different purposes in the plant and work better as a synergistic well oiled machine. In addition to the vitamin b profile we also have included in the formula vitamin E & C. The cannabis plant makes small amounts of vitamin c in its own symbiotic process, but by providing the proper amount to the root zone it leaves the plant available to focus its energy elsewhere.

This product can be used during the vegetative and bloom phase.


[accordion heading="Directions:"]

  • Foliar application: 2.0g/10L of water, 0.02g/L of water

  • Root Feeding: 5.0g/100L of water, 0.05g/L of water


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  • Quattro pro is compatible with all Full Spectrum plant nutrients and bio stimulants.

Active ingredients:

  • Assortment of vitamin b, c, folic acid and vitamin e in plant usable form.