Pro Can Mix, Charged

Pro Can Mix, Charged

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Amended with slow released nutrients for up to 8-12 weeks of plant growth.

Specifically designed for growing a wide range of crops such as cucumber, tomatoes, bedding out plants, microgreens, and other exotic indoor and outdoor crops.

Offered in the following quantities:

  • 40L
  • 75L (bulk, special order)

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This revolutionary science-based soil has been created to release nutrients the plant requires for 8-12 weeks of growth at all stages.

Full Spectrum wanted to create a soil where the grower didn’t have to mix all the nutrients required for optimal plant growth. We have designed a soil for just that. Providing Micro and Macro nutrients at the appropriate time and at the precise amount the plant requires is paramount to its efficiency in growth and its flowering capabilities.

Our time released nutrient packages hidden in the soil are delivered to the plant effortlessly, and with the efficiency that only world class agricultural science can create.

We have added a silicon based wetting agent to properly and evenly distribute the time released formula. Now we have our time released Micro and Macro nutrients covered we can look into the rest of the soil. Recently its all about taste and terpene profiles created by the cannabis plant, these profiles are driven by the compost extracts they feed off in the root zone. These crucial extracts are responsible for bringing out the taste and “nose” profile a connoisseur desperately seeks for.

Our blend has an aged organic peat-based mix with our phosphorous compatible compost extracts containing 40 beneficial bacteria and fungi with dolomite lime for a pH stabilizer. The difference between our compost factors and other beneficial, fungi and bacteria is that ours work in conjunction with our NPK program as other types of bacteria and fungi are killed off by phosphorus.

This soil is perfect for the beginner level grower with the ability to produce quality plants with just pH adjusted water.

The qualities of this soil will allow the grower to create an advanced level program by adding the appropriate bio-stimulants and plant products to create the perfect symbiotic process. We do promote the use of potassium silicate with the beginner or advanced level growing systems as it promotes plant cell strength and creates a defense against pests, fungi, and molds.

* high photosynthetic rates or co2 treated plants may require addition of magnesium and speed up slow released nutrients. Adjust accordingly.


[accordion heading="Watering Directions"]

  • (8 – 12 weeks) A small amount of watering is encouraged at transplanting. Enough to saturate the rootball plus 10% which encourages new root growth and prolongs dirt’s charge. Over saturation negatively affects optimal root development and reduces the charge of dirt.
  • (2 – 3 Days) Apply water plus 10% after top layer of potting mix is dry to touch.
  • (2 – 3 Weeks) Increase amount of solution to each application until full saturation is achieved.
  • Final destination container should match the height to gallon ratio (see D in Planting Instructions), therefore your watering schedule should be every 3 – 4 days after full saturation. Add solution when top 1 inch of media is dry to touch.

* Results may vary depending on growing conditions, and or involving a higher photosynthetic rate.


[accordion heading="Ingredients"]

  • Course peatmoss
  • Vermiculite
  • Perlite
  • Silicon wetting agent
  • Slow and quick release Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • Potash
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Manganese
  • Boron
  • Natural compost extracts