Full Spectrum B

Full Spectrum B

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Cal + N 15.5-0-0

19% Calcium

Calcium is one of the major elements for growing plants. It is considered immobile, which means it does not move inside the plant, therefore it must be applied continuously. Deficiency of calcium in a plant appears in young leaves.

Offered in the following quantities:

  • 454g
  • 1000g
  • 4000g

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Our revolutionary complete blend of Macro, and Micronutrients, Vitamins B, C, E, and our science base resin enhancer are a first of its kind in the cannabis industry.

It's exceedingly high purity ingredients imported from all over the world provide quality the industry so desperately needs. This amazing product has been in development for 10 years anticipating the world of legal cannabis. Our team is now strategically ready to launch our powdered line of Full Spectrum A&B to the world.

Ease of use and the correct proportion of nutrients makes this formula unlike any in the cannabis market today.

Most base NPK products are exactly that, NPK. At Full Spectrum we recognize the expense of growing cannabis with the elevated costs of quality plant additives and bio stimulants. Our plant science department has created a new formula that has added a high grade resin enhancer with our quattro pro B, C and E stress factors to our base powder “A”. This blend has been created to alleviate stress, fight pathogenic bacteria, fungi, viruses, give a spectacular terpene profile, all while providing the perfect NPK ratios for the cannabis plants growth.

Our Full Spectrum formula allows advanced growers to achieve desired levels of calcium and nitrogen (B) while keeping the full dosage of our (A) at 1.75g/L to benefit plants complete integrity, growth and terpene profile. The science of our food works best when “A” is used at full strength 1.75g/L cutting the calcium “B” only to acquire certain lower levels at the two bloom phases.

*It is recommended to use 1.75g/L of “A” with 0.8g/L Cal + N during the vegetative phase. At this rate it provides approximately 1250ppm. *Day one of bloom requires the grower to cut “B” Cal + N to 0.6g/L keeping the “A” at the full 1.75g/L. At this rate it provides approximately 1125ppm. *It is recommended to cut Cal + N 21-28 days prior to harvest. **We advise to flush with water when ppm/EC gets above industry standard levels or plants may show signs of toxicity.


[accordion heading="Mixing Instructions:"]

  • Add potassium silicate
  • Add Quatro Plus to fresh water and mix thoroughly before adding to mixing tank
  • Add bio stimulants/plant additives
  • Add Cal + N to fresh water and mix thoroughly before adding LAST to mixing tank.
  • Calcium can precipitate if not mixed properly,
  • Calcium should be the last thing added before final pH

Plant Feed Program:

  • 0.8 g/L of Cal + N during vegetative stage
  • 0.5 – 0.7 g/L of Cal + N during bloom stage

Some growers cut calcium out 4 weeks prior to harvest


[accordion heading="Active Ingredients & Compatibility:"]

  • Total Nitrate Nitrogen 15.5%
  • Total Calcium 19.5%

Always mix full Spectrum “B” (calcium nitrate) last in the mixing tank then test pH. If the pH is higher than 6.5 then adjust it with pH down.

Disclaimer: EXTREMELY CORROSIVE; avoid contact with eyes and skin ; use rubber gloves and eye protection when handling.

First Aid Treatment: If splashed in the eyes or on skin, flush thoroughly with water. If swallowed give three to four glasses of milk or water. Do not induce vomiting. Call a physician immediately.