About Us

The Full Spectrum team has the knowledge and technology to increase your yield and reduce cost/risk.

Our 30+ years of commercial cannabis production alongside 50 years of world class agricultural science and plant enhancement sets us apart from our competition.

Full Spectrum combines the art and experience of growing cannabis with the science of cultivation to create a Full Spectrum of plant nutrients, bio stimulants, and soilless mix products.


Why care about us?

Full Spectrum exists to create the perfect conditions for the consistent growing of Cannabis.

We constantly strive to maintain this achievement through strict control of equipment, procedure, science, and experience. Only then can the plants thrive throughout all stages of growth.

Why do this? To maximize yield, without compromising quality.

The next requirement is pure stable genetics (using our Full Spectrum Solution), clean science-based nutrients and bio stimulants and an incredible practical knowledge of cannabis production.

Full Spectrum can provide a go-to system of remote or in-person education and training as well as workbooks and documentation on all of the hot topics in cannabis horticulture.  This will be explained from two perspectives: (1) looking at the science of what plants need and (2) the direct experience of our team of master growers.

Ultimately providing a complete “how to grow cannabis A-Z.” As a nutrient company we have the knowledge and experience to ensure you can make the best possible decisions in your grow room. You could say that our nutrient products are secondary to our consulting services!

Our team can provide support in all areas, from plant nutrients and bio-stimulants, to world class crop enhancement products that increase yields by up to 30% (ask us how).  Finally, the engineering of a precise indoor growing environment with the fundamentals of the complete process from seed to harvest.


Our Main Product Line

Our complete line of plant food and bio stimulants start with our New generation of granular plant nutrients Full Spectrum A&B 4-5-28.  It is a blend of exceedingly high purity ingredients imported from all over the world. This formula is a complete blend of Macro and micronutrients designed for optimal health and terpene profile development in the cannabis plant.

This unique blend includes a world class B&C vitamin package with an industry leading bio stimulant. This product 4-5-28 has been in testing on cannabis crops for the last decade and has a solid number of faithful local users throughout western Canada.

After our A&B base nutrient products we introduce our line of industry leading plant additives along with the world class bio-stimulants only Full Spectrum can provide.     

"Full Spectrum's Solution" Get 30% more yield

It has taken a team of researchers under the direction of our head scientist, 30 years to create a product that enhances the photosynthesis of a plant.

The 'Full Spectrum Solution' product unleashes the plants full genetic potential allowing for up to 25% greater Co2 absorption making bigger stronger plants that provide greater yields and increased oil production. 

This miraculous solution is presently in the early stages of cannabis research and development and the results to date are astounding.  The first stages provided documentation to support an increase in extracted cannabis product by close to 20%!  Full Spectrum expects to launch its full line of plant products bio-stimulants and the application service of our "Full Spectrum Solution" in late 2021.


Work with us

As we move forward through these infant stages of legal cannabis cultivation and sale we need to recognize as a community that agricultural science is the only way to succeed.

The industry requires ongoing education integrated with established practical experience, there is dire need for this in this exhausted industry that had so much promise. This is our craft and our passion, let us help you with your growing needs!

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